We Stand With Scientists & Earth

Photo: NASA

Photo: NASA

As we gear up for Earth Day this weekend, we here at World Ocean Festival, feel compelled to pause and think about the situation in which we find ourselves -- as . . . well, a World!

This Earth we inhabit has held our human lives steadily in her broad, nurturing arms for millions of years now. For the last 500 years or so, we have taken to understanding our existence here from an empirical standpoint. "Natural philosophy" evolved into modern day science, and now we know more than early scientists could have ever imagined. (We imagine!)  

On a daily basis, millions of us have the privilege of being able to read, watch, and listen to reports that describe new information brought by the patient work of scientists. What a vibrant and abundant life these discoveries have brought us!

Unfortunately, with this abundance of knowledge and optimism has come skepticism and fear. Those who reject scientific discoveries and the process itself are not to be taken lightly.

“Knowledge is essential to freedom.”

— William Ellery Channing

We have learned a lot about our planet Earth - its bounty, its beauty and, sadly, its damage and deterioration. We cannot hide from these facts or let those who are riddled with fear and skepticism shift our attention away from the opportunity to create an ever more vibrant and sustainable existence. We have an opportunity to make change, to turn the tides and to protect our beautiful home.

Now is our chance to take a stand! For science, for the ocean, for the freedom we love and appreciate.

On that note, we here at World Ocean Festival will be standing with the scientists and Earth we love this weekend. We are lucky to be aligned with many organizations fighting for science, for the Earth, and for the Ocean we love this weekend. Here’s where you can find us:

Want to read more about how science affects the Ocean? Check out this piece from our partners over at Mission Blue: For Earth Day, We Say: Science Matters. And, don’t forget to start planning for the Ocean March on June 4th.

The truth WILL set us free.

For love & science,

World Ocean Festival Team