Celebrating a Living Ocean of Wonder

Photo: Sebastian Nicholls

Photo: Sebastian Nicholls

Imagine a planet where 90% of the habitable space is unexplored, where launching expeditions into that uncharted territory almost always yields new species and insights, and where the unique features and isolation of a dark world harbor plants and animals that bend the rules of life itself. Now take a breath—half of the oxygen you just inhaled comes from that dark, uncharted realm. The planet is Earth, and the dark realm is our ocean.

What’s out there is astonishing— from fish with transparent skulls, to octopi that flap fins near their head to glide through the sea (aptly named Dumbo Octopus). Animals in the deep ocean light up in dazzling displays of bioluminescent color. The depths of the sea contain entire ecosystems that never see the light of day. But beyond wonders of the deep and other mysteries of the sea—migrations across entire oceans that fish, cetaceans and reptiles undertake, symbiosis and solidarity between species, and fascinating diversity of life—we should pay attention to the ocean for a more basic reason: it makes life possible.

If you’ve taken more than one breath in your life, you’ve depended on the ocean to survive. If you’ve ever eaten food that took rainwater to grow, you’ve depended on the ocean for nourishment. If you’ve enjoyed mild weather, you’ve witnessed the ocean’s gift to Earth.

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Sebastian Nicholls is the Program Director of the Sustainable Oceans Alliance, a global organization that empowers the next generation to become leaders in preserving the health and sustainability of our ocean. The Sustainable Oceans Alliance is a proud partner and supporter of the World Ocean Festival, a public event to #SaveOurOcean on June 4th in New York City that will include the first-of-its-kind Ocean March, a parade of large and small boats on the water as a statement of unity for the ocean. Learn more at www.worldoceanfest.org