8 Ways To Go Green at The Ocean March

Photo: Hilary Kotoun, Sailors for the Sea

Photo: Hilary Kotoun, Sailors for the Sea

Go green at the Ocean March!

Eight tips from World Ocean Festival supporter, Sailors for the Sea, to make your day on the water at the Ocean March sustainable.

  1. Once you join the Ocean March it’s time to make sure your boat is ready for June 4th! Check out our spring preparation checklist to ensure you're ready to hit the water.
  2. Just say no to plastic! Over 8 million metric tons of plastic enters the Ocean each year. Single-use plastic is by far the biggest contributor to this mess, so make a commitment to the Ocean and say no to single-use plastic. The best place to start is with reusable water bottles, coffee cups, utensils and plates.
  3. Skip the Straw – Save a Sea Turtle! Did you know that 500 million plastic straws are used in the US everyday! We’d recommend not bringing them aboard. They are so lightweight they’ll easily fly away. 
  4. Reduce fuel usage. This one is a double win – it helps your wallet and the environment. The easiest changes to make are to ensure you don’t have any unnecessary heavy items onboard and reduce your speed by 10%, which can save up to 20% in fuel usage.
  5. Consider offsetting your carbon footprint for the day. The simplest way to do this is to track your fuel usage for the day. With that information you’ll be able to calculate your footprint and purchase carbon offsets. To give back to the ocean directly, you can purchase offsets through SeaGrass Grow – which replants seagrass beds damaged by boaters. Impressively, seagrass habitats are up to 35X more effective than Amazonian rainforests in their carbon uptake and storage abilities!
  6. 85% of petroleum that enters North American waters each year is a result of human activities including land-based runoff, airplanes and recreational boats. A simple solution to ensure your boat is not part of the problem – place an oil absorbent boom in your bilge.
  7. Go non-toxic! Skip the harsh chemicals and go for a water-only wash down at the end of the day. Better yet, if you’re just getting ready to buy boat cleaning products for the season, check out our list of non-toxic cleaners for boats.
  8. After you’ve reduced and reused, recycle! Bring two trash bags – one for recycling and one for things headed to the landfill. If you sort as you go, it will make disposal that much easier at the end of the day.

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Sailors for the Sea is a non-profit organization that unites boaters to protect the ocean. With over a million boaters engaged in the programs and social media annually they're creating a powerful wave of change.